An extraordinary place, a workshop of imagination, where old-time know-how, genius and passion for watches are perfectly combined.

An antique pocket watch, provided with a strap to wear on the wrist. the first collection was based on that idea and then it inspired all the others. watches showing a vivid imagination and hiding valued mechanic movements. they are actual hand-crafted works, desig- ned, manufactured and subject to very strict quality controls in the “Manufacture GaGà”.

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An extraordinary place, a workshop of imagination, where old-time know-how, genius and passion for watches are perfectly combined.



Creative, ironic and cheerful, the world of GaGà Milano turns red to celebrate the most romantic day of the year and offers, in addition to the unmissable watches,the newest heart-shaped purses, mini-bags and wallets, all rigorously red!

Neymar, champion of the Brazilian national team and forward of FC Barcelona, has been shopping GaGà Milano while away in Japan.

After getting over the muscle injury contracted on the eve of the last game of Champions League, at the end of pre-game training for the World Cup finale, Neymar enjoyed a leisurely afternoon in Tokyo, where he went to the GaGà Milano Boutique in Omotesando and made purchases for over 20,000,000 yen!

The boutique staff said: "It happened suddenly without any appointment. The astonishment was general." Among the store’s visible excitement, Neymar bought 16 watches and 5 accessories, leaving the entire staff in awe!

For GaGà Milano a passion was born: during the Ballon d’Or award ceremony, he wore the Quirky Tourbillon, the brand’s most prestigious watch.

It is an affinity of taste and style that unites Neymar to GaGà Milano, who owes its name to a Milanese expression: " gagà ". The expression was very popular in the 50s and defined a type of man more actual than ever: refined but quirky, attentive to the dictates of fashion, but able to rework it with irony and elegance, without neglecting any details.

Nicknamed O Ney by fans for the assonance to Pelé’s nickname, O Rei, who he is compared to, Neymar is considered one of the major football talents in the world.

On 16 December, Palazzo Toschi Corneliani in Milan, venue of the Antonio Riva Atelier, hosted the premiere of WES events, of which GaGà Milano was main sponsor, in its prestigious setting.

For the debut of WES, brand designed by Silvia Clini for the organisation of exclusive and spectacular events, a fantastic Christmas Party was organised, which allowed the guests to experience a magical evening amid the Christmas atmosphere.

Majestic Murano glass chandeliers, flowers and candles were the backdrop to the event in the ethereal crystal structure, while rocking horses, toy trains and small cars brought back wonderful childhood memories. Christmas flavours and scents were also unmissable, with a group of ladies who entertained guests preparing handmade cappelletti, during an extraordinary cooking show.

The GaGà Milano watches, enclosed in their crystal showcases, gave a special touch of colour to the whole event hosted by Rudy Zerbi, and animated by the music selected by Luca Donadoni and the performance of Smoma.

Many were the guests, among artists and VIPs; from Max Pezzali to Ornella Vanoni, to Martina Colombari, Bruno Barbieri and Cristina Chiabotto, just to name a few.

GaGà Milano has currently opened 8 stores all over the world: four in Tokyo, one in Osaka, one in Hawaii, one in the center of Milan, in Corso Venezia 8 and a new store in Brighton Way Beverly Hills.