An extraordinary place, a workshop of imagination, where old-time know-how, genius and passion for watches are perfectly combined.

An antique pocket watch, provided with a strap to wear on the wrist. the first collection was based on that idea and then it inspired all the others. watches showing a vivid imagination and hiding valued mechanic movements. they are actual hand-crafted works, desig- ned, manufactured and subject to very strict quality controls in the “Manufacture GaGà”.


An extraordinary place, a workshop of imagination, where old-time know-how, genius and passion for watches are perfectly combined.


GaGà Milano will be present for the first time at beHouse 2015, important event, organized by Bespoke-The Chic & Cool, within the project of “Expo in città”, scheduled to take place from 20th May to 5th June, in via Dante, 14 in Milan.
A unique event, which will gather the excellence of craftsmanship, and will allow you to see watchmakers, shoemakers and tie makers and many others at work, who will perform live to show the skills shared by the noble arts. Furthermore, unprecedented cooking shows by famous chefs will animate the lounge of beHouse. A different chance to see GaGà Milano watches displayed, in a unique and eclectic context, like the very soul of the brand.

For further information: http://bespokemagazine.cld.bz/Calendar-beHouse-2015#1

On Saturday, 16th May, at 4.30 PM, the Grand Prix of Pedal Cars “Scuderie Campari – Milano GaGà” was held in Parma, in Piazza Garibaldi.

The exceptional pilots were children, aged 3 to 6, who were able to drive the Scuderie Campari pedal race-cars, the greatest toy in the world, true expression of Italian manufacture. In order for them to feel like proper pilots, the children wore real racing suits.
The children drove "at the speed of light" on board of the pedal race cars, inspired by the epic Ferrari 375 Indy from 1952, across the square, which for the occasion was turned into a race course.
All children were awarded with a participatory medal, like true champions!

Gagà Milano was the official timekeeper of the Tour of Croatia, the most important event in international cycling, held this year in Croatia from 22nd to 26th April.

The international cycling race covers 900 kilometres along the Adriatic coast, Istria and the Croatian inland. Despite being the first time that an international cycling event of this magnitude is organized in Croatia, the potential of the race has already been recognized by the Union Cycliste Internationazionale, which classified it in the first category.

Gagà Milano, as a young and dynamic company, has immediately placed itself as a privileged interlocutor to a number of sports events, in which it has recognized its same spirit and desire to achieve challenging goals.

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GaGà Milano has currently opened 8 stores all over the world: four in Tokyo, one in Osaka, one in Hawaii, one in the center of Milan, in Corso Venezia 8 and a new store in Brighton Way Beverly Hills.