After having signed a contract at the beginning of the year with Brazilian champion Neymar Jr. – making him ambassador until 2020 – GaGà Milano has decided to support him in his charitable project closely linked to the institute that bears his name.

The Projeto Neymar Jr. institute is a non-profit organisation providing support to 2400 children aged 7-17 and their families who live in the Praia Grande communities, with the aim to guarantee them a dignified life.

The organisation is a sports and educational complex located in the city of Praia Grande where Neymar Jr. spent part of his childhood with his family and first started playing football.

Neymar Jr. purchased the land of his first football field and built the complex. Through access to educational, cultural and sports initiatives, and health services – also financed with the help of sponsors – Neymar Jr.’s endeavour will to contribute to the educational and social development of families who live in conditions of extreme poverty and decay.

By building Istituto Projeto Neymar Jr, the Brazilian champion has fulfilled his biggest dream.

Given the relationship based on mutual respect following the partnership with the champion, GaGà Milano decided to support him with great enthusiasm and contribute to helping these children and their families live a better life.